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n   form
n   Mode
n   Manner
n   Condition
n   Style
n   Lie
n   Fashion
n   Shape
  WodyrK :
^îgd fiajdjls' lreKdlr jdlH j, ifodia ;eka improve la,sla lr ksjerÈ lrkak'&

ug tjeks je/oaola l< yels wkaou ud is;kafka ke;'
I can't conceive how I could have made such a mistake.
joka jpkj, ixlaIsma; wdlD;sfha jpk fhdokak'
Put the words in parentheses into abbreviated form.
fldamh hkq msiaiqjls'
Anger is a form of madness.
Tfí b,aÆï m;arh i|yd uE; PdhdrEmhla wuqKkak'
Attach a recent photograph to your application form.
Tfí PdhdrEmh whÿï m;arh fj; wuqKkak'
You need to attach your photo to the application form.
Derana English to Sinhala Dictionary & Glossary is a feature rich dictionary which is developed by the support of the Sinhala community. Derana dictionary consists of more than 300000 definitions. Technical terms from medicine, science, law, engineering, accounts, arts and many other sources can be found in this this dictionary Some additional features of this dictionary are pronunciations, listing most used word at the beginning, and relevant sentences for additional reference (beta). Transliteration facilitates to type Sinhala unicode in an easy manner. Derana dictionary is the first dictionary in this caliber for Sinhala language. Please rate results and improve the sentence base by suggesting improvements.

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