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සමානාර්ථ පද​ : Not Available
n    ලාටු
st    සුනු
n    දෙහි
n    හුණු
st    හුනු
Civ    හුනු අළු
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(බීටා සේවාවකි. කරුණාකර වාක්‍ය වල සදොස් තැන් improve ක්ලික් කර නිවැරදි කරන්න.

ඇයට තවදුරටත් ලීමා වීදිය දිගේ නොයනු ඇත.
And she'll never walk down Lime Street anymore.
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  ඉංග්‍රීසි තේරුම්:
(verb) - cover with lime so as to induce growth; (verb) - spread birdlime on branches to catch birds ; (noun) - the green acidic fruit of any of various lime trees ; (noun) - any of various deciduous trees of the genus Tilia with heart-shaped leaves and drooping cymose clusters of yellowish often fragrant flowers; several yield valuable timber ; (noun) - any of various related trees bearing limes ; (noun) - a sticky adhesive that is smeared on small branches to capture small birds ; (noun) - a white crystalline oxide used in the production of calcium hydroxide ; (noun) - a caustic substance produced by heating limestone ;
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